The Industry Standard for Construction Project Control and Transparency. With our expert installation and configuration services. Network Resolutions provides:

  • Setup and installation that eliminates software conflicts and delivers the smoothest possible operation of your accounting software.

  • Multiuser security and authentication that provides easy access to those who need it -- and denies potentially harmful access to those who don't.

  • VPN and remote access configuration that enables you to utilize your software from any location -- with the confidence and peace of mind that all proper security precautions are in place.

  • Custom reporting that delivers specific financial insights unique to your business -- powerful knowledge that can help drive your company forward.

About Prolog
The Industry Standard for Construction Project Control and Transparency

Prolog® software delivers construction project control and transparency to project-based organizations within AEC, Commercial and Public sectors. Prolog streamlines operations for engineering and construction firms managing several projects, public agencies implementing a capital bond program, or private building owners constructing a new facility.